Rocky’s Check (Moderate)

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Rocky Gargantuan is a retired professional wrestler who started out in professional sports as a defensive lineman for the Kentucky Killers football team.  Because of Rocky’s past ability to stop on-coming fullbacks, offensive lineman, other wrestlers, and runaway tanks with his head, he at times has trouble remembering things that occurred only a short time ago.

Some three months back, Mr. Gargantuan had his car repaired at the Fly-By-Nite Garage. When his auto was finished a few days later, Rocky gave George Goniff, the garage owner, a check as part payment on the $480.00 repair bill.  Rocky typed the check as was his custom since he had trouble concentrating enough to hold on to a pen.

Mr. Gargantuan forgot his outstanding bill for two months, at which time he received notice from his bank, Fraudulent Federal, that his checking account was overdrawn.  After inquiring at the bank, he was informed that the following check had been paid:

Mr. Gargantuan states that he remembers giving Mr. Goniff the check and is certain that it was for eighty dollars.  The bank suggests that Rocky was probably in the midst of one of his memory lapses on January 14th, and cannot remember how much he made the check out for.  When asked, Mr. Goniff stated ” Yep, that’s typically Rocky.”  Who is telling the truth?