Evidence Submission Check List

Handwriting & Signature Examinations

1. Cover Letter containing:
a.    Contact information, to include telephone, facsimile number, email address and physical street address.
b.    If filed:  Style, Venue, Court Case Number.
c.    List of document(s) containing questioned signatures(s) and/or handwriting .
d.    List of documents containing known signatures and/or other exemplar material
e.    Brief synopsis of the matter.

2. The questioned and known evidence

3. Executed retainer agreement (which upon receipt will be signed by NDL and a copy returned for your files).

4. Retainer (personal check, company check, money order). For payment by credit card or wire transfer, please call NDL at (561) 333-7804.

Please forward all original documents via FedEx (Standard Overnight). Copies may be forwarded via Postal Service if you wish.  Submission Address

NDL will send you either a facsimile or email acknowledgement upon receipt of materials.

Rev 06/19