Evidence Submission Check List

Handwriting & Signature Examinations

1. Cover Letter containing:
       a.    Contact information, to include telephone, facsimile number, email address and physical street address.
       b.    If filed:  Style, Venue, Court Case Number.
       c.    List of document(s) containing questioned signatures(s) and/or handwriting .
       d.    List of documents containing known signatures and/or other exemplar material
       e.    Brief synopsis of the matter.

2. The evidence (questioned and known documents to be examined)

3. Executed retainer agreement (which upon receipt will be signed by NDL and a copy returned for your file).

4. Retainer (personal check, company check, money order). For payment by credit card or wire transfer, please call NDL at (561) 333-7804.

Please forward all original documents via FedEx or similar (Standard Overnight). Copies may be forwarded via Postal Service or PDF if you wish.  NDL will send you either a facsimile or email acknowledgement upon receipt of materials.

Submission Address:
Norwitch Document Laboratory
17026 Hamlin Boulevard
Loxahatchee, Florida   33470


Rev 01/22