Questioned Document Examination overview seminars are available through Norwitch Document Laboratory. These seminars are available to attorneys, investigators, banking personnel, law enforcement, and others.

The presenter is F. Harley Norwitch, a motivating and entertaining retired Miami-Dade County Deputy Sheriff and Crime Laboratory Forensic Document Examiner. Until retirement, F. Harley was the Senior Document Examiner in the Questioned Document Unit of the Forensic Identification Section of the Miami-Dade Police Department Crime Laboratory.  He has over forty (40) years experience as a Forensic Document Examiner with the Crime Laboratory and Norwitch Document Laboratory.  F. Harley has examined twelve thousand cases with clients in 20 states and 11 countries, and has testified in excess of 500 times.  (Curriculum Vitae)

These seminars are hands on and audience participatory in nature.  They are generally four (4) hours in length but can be custom-tailored for up to an 8-hour day.


  • Defining the Forensic Document Examination discipline.
  • Selecting an expert
  • Overview of available examinations, to include:
  • Handwriting & Signature examinations
  • Alteration, obliterations, and their recovery (medical malpractice)
  • Ink and paper analysis
  • Latent indented writing
  • Landmark legal opinions
  • Case studies (War stories)

As these presentations involve some entertaining audience participation and group discussions, at least 15-20 attendees are requisite, but attendance may be up to 50.

Please call (561) 333-7804 to discuss facilities, travel, and fees.

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